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To those students who are interested in auditioning for the “Mixed Breed” Drumline, below you will find the required information needed for your formal audition. Please know that the requirements are subject to change without notice.
Please come to the audition prepared to play
·     Flams
·     Flam drags
·     Cheeses
·     Flamacue
·     Long-stroke double roll
·     Five stroke rolls
·     Nine stroke rolls
·     Single stroke 7
·     Grid
·     Be prepared to play all in open close open (slow fast slow) using traditional grip ( match grip may be requested as well).
·     A playback portion will be required.
·     A command portion will be required ( verbal commands on what to play).
·     A prepared piece is suggested but not mandatory (If you have something prepared it would be nice to see your talent beyond the scope of rudiments).
·     Site reading will be required. 

"Mixed Breed" Drumline Audition Information